Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you get the idea for HIS?

My original Hamilton family was composed of three brothers, two sisters and one female cousin. I wrote a first story with that premise, and before I finished, I had morphed the family into the five brothers, one foster-brother and one sister. The stories came to me from real-world situations and my crazy imagination.

How can I find out when your next novel will be released?

There are many ways to learn of new releases, but I recommend signing up for my newsletter first. To make it easy, there is a link on the side of this page. Newsletter subscribers get a first look and are first to know what is upcoming. Also, you may follow me on social media via the links at the top and bottom of the website.

Who is your favorite Hamilton brother?

As I write or plot each novel, that brother becomes my favorite at the time. I do try not to play favorites.

Is it true Dottie and Bob were your pets?

It is true. Dottie was my long-time companion who I was saddened to lose. Bob is currently my cat who, by the way, I accidentally stole from my neighbor. That’s another story though.

What do you do when you aren’t writing?

I mostly read. I am a fanatic for historical romances – regency, western and Scottish. I dream of a Scottish laird sweeping me off my feet. Although I’d prefer he travel time here as I need conveniences like a bathroom.

How can I get a signed copy of your books?

Complete the form under the ‘Contact’ tab, and I’ll work with you on sending a signed copy of whichever book(s) you choose.

How can I get my question answered?

Fill out the form on the ‘Contact’ page, and I’ll gladly answer it for you. Note that I will not respond to any spoiler questions.