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Agents of HIS Series Book 1
September 17, 2019

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Evening Shadows

When deception leads to vengeance, it’s only your heart you can trust.

Romantic Suspense BESTSELLING And AWARD WINNING Author • When his life depends on the woman who holds secrets, can he trust their love will be enough for her to seek the truth? In Sheila Kell’s thrilling novel of deception and second chances, two operatives embark on a dangerous journey that will test them as agents, friends, and lovers.

Time and distance hasn’t impacted Ken Patrick’s love for Samantha “Sam” Milton. When faced with the chance to move them from friends to lovers, forces out of his control make the stakes impossibly high. His mission to win her heart becomes a frantic task to save both of their lives.

To survive a new injury and being captured by their target, Ken must rely on the woman he loves but no longer trusts. With Sam’s difficulty to separate truth from deception, Ken’s only chance is to convince the agent who holds his heart that the forces working against them are the true enemy.



© Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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