Facebook LIVE with Sheila Kell

Hello Fabulous Readers! Are you ready to join the hottest community of readers on Facebook? Join me every Friday at 5:00 PM EST in my Facebook Reader Group, where I go live to share my latest writing updates, answer your burning questions, and host special guests. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on the fun! But first, you … Read More

Camilla has been ousted!

Those who follow me may know that Camilla is my writing partner. She has been with me since she was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. However, recently, Callie has been taking over Camilla’s usual spot on my desk every morning. When Camilla comes in feeling groggy and sleepy, she complains because her spot is already … Read More

Coming Soon!

Announcing… Get ready to discover an exciting new world of reading with my upcoming online bookstore! Featuring signed books, book packages, and book merchandise, you will surely find something to pique your interest. Keep your eyes peeled for the grand opening – it will be a literary adventure you won’t want to miss!

Callie is assisting me on this post

Hello fabulous readers! For those who are not familiar with Callie, she is the last of the six cats I adopted. She loves to lie beside me while I work and often demands attention by touching the keyboard. However, sometimes she accidentally disconnects it from the computer or deletes what I’ve written – just like a few minutes ago. I … Read More

Whew – I survived!

Tropicon ’24 is in the books! I had a blast and met a lot of fabulous readers and authors. Plus, I had quality time with my niece, who acted as my PA during the event. If you missed it, that’s okay. I’m signing again in Biloxi, MS, and New Orleans, LA, in September. Can’t make those? You can always get … Read More

Tropicon ’24 – Will you be there?

Hello Fabulous Readers! I know it’s been a bit since I’ve updated you, so here I go quickly catching you up – Read Between the Lines, Coastal Investigation Book Two, released 1/17/24. I’m writing two books – one in each (HIS and CI) series. I started a side hustle that keeps me busy. The main reason for this update is … Read More

It’s almost here!

I’m excited to announce that the second book in the Coastal Investigation Series is almost here! Read Between the Lines releases on 1/17/24, and Cassie and JD are in a new fix. With two storylines running – can they save Cassie’s friend, and will he propose? – this story, if I must say so myself, is amazing. But, I’ll allow … Read More

Are you ready to get Hot & Steamy?

Hello fabulous readers, We’re two weeks away from Hot & Steamy NOLA ‘23. Will you be there? If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, I have great news – the promoters are offering a 40% discount this week. Hurry, though, I’m not sure how long it will last. And, I recommend the VIP ticket! Not only do you get to … Read More

I need your vote!

Hello fabulous readers, I am honored to have been nominated for The Best of Mississippi Author Fiction/Non-fiction Award. Voting is occurring now, and I could use your help to win this prestigious recognition. You don’t have to reside in Mississippi to vote. If you love my books, please let my home state know by voting! Thank you in advance! Category … Read More

I love this review from Wild Woman Authors

I love to participate in character interviews, and today, Cassie McKay (from Deadly Betrayal) and I are featured on Wild Woman Authors for such an interview. You can catch it here: www.WildWomenAuthorsx2.blogspot.com Then jump over and read the review. Here is an excerpt, and it has me jumping over the moon: “Author Sheila Kell shines when it comes to building … Read More