Typical day in the life of this author

One thing I’m commonly asked is “What is your day like?” Well, I’m here to answer that question. First off, I have a structured schedule for weekdays. Second, I rarely follow it. Sad, but true. Let me show you the schedule I hope to follow. 8:30 – Social media / Check email / Check specific sites housing books 9:15 – … Read More

How I introduced myself to my grandnieces and nephews who live far away

Did you want to get to know something about me? Well, here’s your chance. As with many families, at least one person lives far away – not a short car ride. One of my sisters lives in Florida and I’m in Mississippi. That’s nearly twelve hours. Not a short car ride. As her family has grown, I’ve only met my … Read More

How I choose character names

Choosing character names can become a fine art to some, but my process is less challenging. Besides what I think of, I create character names from two primary sources. First and foremost, I steal from television. I watch the news a lot and there are plenty of guest experts whose first or last names I write down to use. No, … Read More

It’s A New Year

Happy New Year to you! I brought in the new year asleep in my bed. There was a day I stayed awake late enough, but not now. I feel much older than my 52 years. What about resolutions? Did you make any? I typically don’t. This year I kinda did. Let me explain. At the end of December, I began … Read More