It’s A New Year

Happy New Year to you! I brought in the new year asleep in my bed. There was a day I stayed awake late enough, but not now. I feel much older than my 52 years.

What about resolutions? Did you make any? I typically don’t. This year I kinda did. Let me explain. At the end of December, I began thinking about what I needed to change or do more or less often. That kind of thinking. So, I set up some goals that started the last week in December, but since it’s so close, I named them New Year’s resolutions. They’re simple – exercise to get into shape, lose weight, find the positive in everything, volunteer instead of wasting time, and get closer to God. Today I also committed to a ten-minute challenge in a writing group. That should help me get more manuscripts out.

Speaking of, in February, I have a short story in an anthology. More to come. I’ll finish MIDNIGHT ESCAPE and get it to the editor. No idea on a release date. I’m also looking at a couple more anthologies, but I’ll wait to announce them as they might not come to pass.

That’s it for now. May you have a joyous 2020!

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