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Coastal Investigations Book 2
January 17, 2024

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Read Between the Lines

What happens when someone goes from bestselling author to suspected murderer? In Sheila Kell’s highly anticipated novel of treachery, secrecy, and romance, Cassie and JD rush to find a killer while their growing relationship is threatened on two fronts.

Cassie McKay and JD Walker are in a fix again. This time, Cassie’s author friend is suspected of murder. What stirs the FBI’s suspicions is that the killings are playing out exactly as the author wrote them, but before her book is published. It’s up to Cassie and JD to clear the author’s name before it’s too late.

As Cassie and JD attempt to find the killer, cope with Gus’s odd affliction, recruit one of JD’s exes, argue with Cassie’s former FBI husband, and more, they continue to navigate their new relationship through these obstacles.