My morning routine

When selecting topics for my blog, I found a list of thirty topics and this was one of them. Since I’ve heard from you that you want to know more about me, I thought, “Why not?” Although I will say it is boring. One thing is for certain, I do have a routine for the first few hours of the … Read More

HIS Series Box Set

Limited Time 99c Sale Title: HIS Series Boxed Set Volume 1 (Books 1-3) Author: Sheila Kell Genre: Romantic Suspense Designer: CT Cover Creations Photographer: Eric Battershell Join the hot-bodied men of Hamilton Investigation & Security as they do whatever it takes to protect the women who have stolen their hearts in books 1-3 of the best-selling HIS series, featuring Jesse, … Read More

What inspires me to write?

When people who’ve known me a long time learn that I’m writing romance novels, they look at me strangely. I mean, I have a degree in Space Operations Technology, one in Aeronautics and one in Organizational Management. Not to mention I spend twelve years in the military controlling aircraft, then twelve years leading university operations. My background doesn’t appear romantic … Read More

Where in the world?

While in the military, I was lucky enough to see quite a bit of the world. When asked, I’d always had to think of my favorite place as there were so many wonderful ones, but when I saw the question—Where is the one place you’d like to visit, but haven’t?—the word exploded off my tongue—Scotland. No, it’s not only because … Read More

Research woes

Someone asked me about my research process for writing a book. I almost laughed. I am the world’s worst at research. If I search for something on the web, I’ll find thousands of articles that do not relate to what I want to know. Or, I get two opposing views and have to dig more to guess which is correct. … Read More

New Year’s Resolution busted

It’s day nine of the year, and I’ve already broken my resolution to write every day. I got tied up in the admin stuff, grocery shopping, doing laundry, taking the cats to the vet, and all that fun stuff and was too tired to write. I aim to correct that. One, I will be spacing out all I need to … Read More

You made my 2016

Thank you! Your support as readers has made this a wonderful year. And, what a year it’s been! In 2016, your readership continued the best-selling status of the series with all books, once again temporarily landing in the top ten in their categories, and both HIS DESIRE and HIS RETURN reaching number one. Additionally, the books were returned to the Kindle Unlimited library. By the … Read More