My morning routine

When selecting topics for my blog, I found a list of thirty topics and this was one of them. Since I’ve heard from you that you want to know more about me, I thought, “Why not?” Although I will say it is boring. One thing is for certain, I do have a routine for the first few hours of the day that I find hard to deviate from.

What is my morning routine? The alarm is set for 5:30 am. It has a snooze, but as soon as I select it, Camilla and Puddles believe that means it’s time to wake me. Some mornings I help them off the bed and roll back over, but they return as they see that as a game. Once I’m out of bed, my first task is to feed the cats some canned food. They can’t seem to survive on the dry food they are fed. After that, it’s coffee-making time. Yes, I’d prefer to do them in reverse order, but several cats meowing when I’m waking is too much for me to deal with that early. While the coffee brews I open up the house and fill the dry food bowl. About that time I’ve stopped yawning and am, more-or-less, awake.

Coffee in hand, I take that long commute down the hallway to my office, turn on the news and start with email and then social media. Once my stomach comes to life, I break for breakfast. Hunger satisfied, I return to the office, turn on cartoons—Scoooby-Doo is preferable—and then it’s writing time. From there, all bets are off to what will happen next. Oh, I may or may not still be in my pajamas.

That’s my not-at-all exciting morning. There’s no mystery prep to writing for me—just feed the cats so they are quiet and drink coffee.

Thanks for reading.

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