New Year’s Resolution busted

It’s day nine of the year, and I’ve already broken my resolution to write every day. I got tied up in the admin stuff, grocery shopping, doing laundry, taking the cats to the vet, and all that fun stuff and was too tired to write. I aim to correct that. One, I will be spacing out all I need to do so it doesn’t take a full day and wear me down. And, two, even if I’m tired, I’ll write a few words—something. An author I met online, Dahlia Donovan, has me motivated to get something down on paper every single day. Even if I can’t write out an elaborate scene, something will help me get to the finish line.

As for Trent’s story, don’t worry, I made up the lack of words the other day. Thankfully, I made only the one resolution as I know how terrible I am at keeping them. This one seemed too important not to have coming into 2017 with three books to publish. Yep, that’s Devon, Trent and Matt. Then Brad will be bright and early in 2018 to finish off the series. I’m already sad.

So, how are your resolutions coming along?

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