Callie is assisting me on this post

Hello fabulous readers!

For those who are not familiar with Callie, she is the last of the six cats I adopted. She loves to lie beside me while I work and often demands attention by touching the keyboard. However, sometimes she accidentally disconnects it from the computer or deletes what I’ve written – just like a few minutes ago. I had an entire post ready, and she hit something that deleted it, and I couldn’t retrieve it. Despite all this, I love her so much.

I would like to let you know that every week, I host a live session on my Facebook Reader Group where I update you on my writing world and work in progress and answer your questions. During last week’s session, I read the first chapter of my upcoming book – a sequel to Coastal Investigations. Additionally, we currently have two exciting giveaways that I would love for you to participate in.

First, you must join the group: Sheila’s Smokin’ Hot Readers

Until next time…


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