Meet the newest addition to my family

Please welcome Jeffrey* to my family. I adopted him from 9 Lives Cat Rescue and hope he’ll keep Kit occupied so I can type without fighting off attacks on my hands. Unfortunately, that means losing more desk space or spending time keeping Jeffrey off my desk and off my keyboard. Those who have young cats understand. A few weeks ago, … Read More

Cancel RT Booklovers’ Signing in Las Vegas

I will be unable to attend 2016 RT Booklovers’ Conference in Las Vegas, NV in April. If you were planned to purchase a signed paperback, contact me at, and I’ll get one to you with a surprise. For those who are attending, it is a wonderful experience to not only visit with your favorite authors but to meet new … Read More

Do you speed?

I am amazed at the answer I typically receive when I ask that question. It is a resounding, “No!” My question then is, “Who the hell is always flying by me on the road or pulled over by the police/trooper?” I admit that I have been known to speed. Why lie? I have tickets as evidence of my law-breaking. The … Read More

2016 is here

The parties are over. The resolutions are made. The plans are developed. Now, it’s time to get down to business. I don’t know about you, but thinking about how I will implement the changes all at once is overwhelming. I would imagine that is why many people fail. Well, that and chocolate donuts. Who can fault them for that? Approximately … Read More