Do you speed?

I am amazed at the answer I typically receive when I ask that question. It is a resounding, “No!” My question then is, “Who the hell is always flying by me on the road or pulled over by the police/trooper?”26453614_l

I admit that I have been known to speed. Why lie? I have tickets as evidence of my law-breaking. The Autobahn was fun though. Did you know some American cars cut off at 120 mph. That is scary shit when you are driving. I don’t typically speed now as I generally don’t have any place to be at a certain time, plus I don’t wish to give away my money to someone I don’t know.

But, that’s not the point of this post. If you read HIS Choice, you may remember that Megan drove while it snowed, and, after being honked at for driving the speed limit, she wondered when the speed limit became the normal minimum required speed. Okay, I really wanted to know, but as authors we sometimes put those questions into our writing to get them out of our heads.

I thought it was out of mine, but no, it couldn’t be that easy. I set my cruise control around the speed limit and do not find myself at the head of a line of cars or creeping up to a car driving slower than I am. The other day, I was thinking through a plot twist for my next book, HIS Return, (it is awesome), and I had slowed down to about seven miles below the speed limit. People passing actually slowed and gazed over at me, and, by the looks on their faces, I’m guessing they were checking to see if I was either unconscious or an alien.

Sadly, the days of a Sunday afternoon cruise seem to be long gone. I’m showing my age by the fact that I’m even thinking of Sunday afternoon cruising. When you find you don’t have to rush somewhere, like the grocery store, slow down, take time to relax, enjoy the scenery. It feels odd at first, especially when you are used to keeping up with the flow, but it is welcome when you want to get away from it all.

Be safe on the streets. Wear your seat belt. Don’t text and drive. Sex and driving – well, I’d be a hypocrite on saying anything about that. We know accidents can occur while speeding, but, when you are fortunate to avoid them, also remember this…speeding equals tickets…tickets equals money…that lost money means fewer books you can buy. So, don’t speed so you can buy more books.

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