Easter Egg Hunting with the Kids

Do you have more than one child for Easter who are different ages and find it hard to make Easter egg hunting a fair sport? I recently ran across this photo of a fun way to help the little ones find their fair share of eggs.. Color Johnny’s eggs blue to find, Jenny’s pink and Jim’s green. Then, when they … Read More

It’s that time of the year to dread the mail

For those who haven’t met me, I’m Emily Hamilton, the only girl in the Hamilton family and Amber’s mother. I’m in college with a goal of becoming a CPA. I can’t provide you with financial or legal advice, but I can give you my two cents on what to make sure you don’t do in January. Don’t toss anything that … Read More

January 2016 Menu

Traditional Southern New Year’s Day Meal In attendance: Kate, Jesse, Devon, Matt, AJ, Megan, Emily, Trent, Ken, Les, Jamaal, Josh, Mary, Jason, Reagan and Amber. Hello, it’s Kate. Our family is off to a good start this year as our group grows for the monthly themed meals. The chances of Jesse and I chasing everyone out the door quickly to … Read More

Interview with Hamilton brothers

Megan: Let’s start simple. Tell the readers your birth order. Jesse: That’s easy – me, Devon, the twins-Brad, Matt, then Jake, AJ and, of course, Emily. Matt (grumbling): Brad’s only older by a few minutes. (There was quite a bit of back and forth banter between the brothers about this.) Megan: What was it like growing up as U.S. Senator’s … Read More

H.I.S. to HIS

You may have noticed the recent change I made. I battled with H.I.S. series versus HIS series for some time. Who would have thought three pesky periods could cause such angst? I’m happy to announce my internal (and some editorial) debate has ended. Yippee! Henceforth, my romantic suspense series will be known as HIS series, named lovingly after Hamilton Investigation … Read More