Easter Egg Hunting with the Kids

Do you have more than one child for Easter who are different ages and find it hard to make Easter egg hunting a fair sport? I recently ran across this photo of a fun way to help the little ones find their fair share of eggs.. Color Johnny’s eggs blue to find, Jenny’s pink and Jim’s green. Then, when they find their loot, they are done and if Jenny is the younger child, you won’t find her crying because Johnny and Jim grabbed all of the easy-to-find eggs you hid for her. (Note: Note my idea – an idea of someone on Pinterest)


You can also separate plastic Easter eggs for the same idea if you use those to put surprises in them for the children. My older brothers always left eggs for me, but AJ and Jake didn’t. This type of idea would’ve kept me from many crying fits at Easter. Then again, I did get extra chocolate bunnies for it :-).

Happy Easter egg hunting with the kids!

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