Interview with Hamilton brothers

Megan: Let’s start simple. Tell the readers your birth order.

Jesse: That’s easy – me, Devon, the twins-Brad, Matt, then Jake, AJ and, of course, Emily.

Matt (grumbling): Brad’s only older by a few minutes.

(There was quite a bit of back and forth banter between the brothers about this.)

Megan: What was it like growing up as U.S. Senator’s sons?

Brad: Fucking kick-ass! We could do so much and get away with it.

Jesse: Brad.

Brad: What? You don’t get to answer all of the questions for us.

Devon: Ignore those two. It was a great experience, Megan. We met interesting people who ultimately helped us get to where we are today.

Megan: Who is the first girl you kissed?

Jesse: Greta Wallace – she was so sweet (Grabs his arm) Hey!

(Did I forget to mention Kate was also attending, and she has a quick punch?)

Devon: (Laughing) Go ahead Brad and Matt. As I remember it, you both kissed Rachel Jefffreys because she couldn’t tell you two apart and thought she was kissing Matt.

Brad: (Sly grin) Yeah, she said I kissed better.

Jesse: Get back in your seat, Matt. You two already have broken noses after that fight. No more now. Brad, quit that shit. You know he thought he thought he was in love.

Devon: Now would be a good time to move on, Megan.

Megan: Good idea. Okay, men, who got into the most trouble growing up?

In unison: Brad

Brad: Bullshit! It was AJ, but you forgave him because he was our ‘baby’ brother.

AJ: (Shrugging) It’s not true, my little dove. I was a good kid growing up. Brad is just trying to impress you.

Megan: Moving along. What is your favorite food?

Jesse: Beef Burritos

Devon: Penne Arrabiatta

Brad: BBQ Ribs

Matt: Grilled steak and potato

Jake: Now, I guess it’s macaroni and cheese and hot dogs cut up into little pieces without the bun.

(A great deal of hearty laugher exploded around the room.)

AJ: That’s easy – Bacon Cheeseburger

Megan: So women can be like your girl, what is the perfume that drive you crazy?

Jake: (Leans into Kate and snips her neck.) Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.

Devon: I’m partial to Estee Lauder Beautiful, but the right woman can wear whatever works for her.

Brad: (A shit-eating grin) Anything a woman wears.

Matt: A long time ago I smelled Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds, and I haven’t forgotten. (Sighs)

(An uncomfortable silence followed his statement.)

(I wanted to pry, but knew now was not the time.)

Jake: Em, what are you wearing?

Emily: Did you really just ask me that?

(A chorus of “oh, you just fucked up, buddy” and similar was spoken)

Jake: I’m joking. Live Color Fully by Kate Spade.

AJ: I know mine. Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Damn it smells heavenly.

Megan: Do you have Valentine’s Day plans?

Jesse: Kate would kick my ass if I didn’t.

AJ: I can’t answer that if I wish to surprise you at all. (He leans over and kisses me, and it’s darn good.)

Jake: I’m taking Emily away for a weekend at a B&B in Vermont.

Brad: (Grinning mischievously) I’ll have some piece of ass to spend the night with.

Matt: (Snorted) And we thought Jesse and AJ were players. You put their past to shame. Will you even know her name?

Brad: Who gives a shit? At least I get out there. What will you do? Sulk at your place?

Matt: Fuck you! I have a date, and we’re going out to dinner.

Devon: (Clears his throat) I’m cooking dinner for someone.

Megan: You each seem to have some secret or something that has happened that I think readers should know. What is one thing they can expect to learn about you in your book? In series order, please.

Jesse: Why I won’t allow a woman to die when I should’ve been protecting her.

AJ: What happened four years ago that had my life slowly sliding from a happy person into a dark hole that I wasn’t sure I could climb out of since I’d continually failed to right things.

Jake: Where I’ve been the last four years. There will also be a major twist tossed at the family, but that’s not my fault.

Matt: What happened at college that set me on the dangerous path where I’d wished to die in war.

Devon: Why I don’t go out in the field with my brothers.

Brad: Why I left the secret service.

Jesse: Say it, Brad.

Brad: Fucker. Okay, I left in disgrace, but it’s a fucking lie!

(Brad stormed out of the room.)

Readers, that wraps up all I could get from the men. I will interview each one individually over the next few months along with Kate and Emily. If you have any burning questions, please send them to Sheila through the Contact tab. I am always willing to do ‘Hot or Breaking News’ with only your question. Thanks for joining me today and happy reading.

Megan Hamilton

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