Valentine’s Day


It’s that day of the year when women dream of flowers, chocolate and romance, and men run around sweating on how to deliver those things. What about those spending the day alone? I remember the first time or two I did; it wasn’t fun. Now, I realize it’s just another day. It does make me think about the fact there is no one special in my life, but it also makes me realize that I am not holding onto someone just to have them around for February 14th, which I have done in the past to keep from being alone today. I can buy chocolate and flowers for myself and have done so when I wanted them. As for romance, why wait for one specific day? If a man only gives it to me only on Valentine’s Day then he is not worth it. I expect something special more frequently than that. If that is too much to ask I can easily show him the door. The rest of the year settling is not worth it. Remember, today is just another day. You deserve to be treated with romance all year long – no matter how small the action. Don’t receive it? The door isn’t too far away.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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