FIVE days to Jake returning home!

Jake comes home on Friday, August 12th, 2016!
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HR teaser-5 days

Meet the hot-bodied men of Hamilton Investigation & Security (HIS) as they do whatever it takes to protect the women who have stolen their hearts.

HIS RETURN by Sheila Kell

HIS Series Book 3, Stand-alone

Jake & Emily

“A wonderful mesh of love, loss, and suspense.” ~Early review

Four years without a word. Will she welcome him back?

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Regrets are a bitch but Jake Cavanaugh can’t seem to escape his.

Haunted by that fateful night when he woke to find Emily Hamilton in his bed and a furious best friend banishing him, Jake flees. He leaves behind everything and everyone he’s ever loved.

Returning four years later, Jake makes the journey to face Emily. Immediately, he’s confronted with the danger she faces and the impact of their night together. Jake grapples with his new status and the peril surrounding them.

As the web of corruption unravels, Jake and Emily’s passion reignites. But danger lurks closer than they think. Jake will risk everything to make amends and keep those he loves safe.

Will it be enough to heal her broken heart?

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