Interview with Jake and Emily

Megan here: My pregnancy scare is over, and baby and I are doing great. Time to get back to work! I’m sitting with Jake and Emily since the world just heard their story. Here are a few questions you wanted to know… and so did I. Note: The final question is a spoiler, but since the book promises an HEA, it shouldn’t be a big surprise.


Megan: When did you know you were made for each other?

Emily: I was six years old when I met Jake. AJ had just brought him home to meet Dad. I could tell he was scared so I walked to him and held his hand. I knew then that I’d love him forever.

Jake: I wish I could say the same. Unfortunately, it took my being away from her for me to realize how much she truly meant to me.


Megan: What is one of your fondest childhood memories of one another?

Emily: When I was eight, Bobby Jay put gum in my hair, and I had to have it all cut really short. Jake found me crying in my closet. He held me with awkward attempts to comfort me. Not only did he promise to give Bobby a black eye, he named off beautiful movie stars with short hair. Thank goodness it was the year short hair was in style in Hollywood.

Jake: For me, it was the first anniversary of my mom’s death. Em found out. At seven years old, she coordinated with the family to have someone drive me to the cemetery. On my way out the door, she handed me Daisies—my mom’s favorite—and a blanket so I could sit and tell my mom all about the family that would take care of me for her.


Megan: When was your first kiss?

Jake: Damn, Megan. That’s a bit personal, don’t you think?

Emily [laughs]: Actually, our first kiss was on his first Christmas with us. We were under the mistletoe, and I made him kiss me.

Jake [chuckles]: I’d forgotten about that, sprite. But, that’s not the first kiss I was thinking about. [wiggles eyebrows]


Megan: What is one thing about the other that aggravates you?

Emily: He smells his food before eating it. Amber is starting to copy it.

Jake: I do not. And, Megan, I’m smarter than to answer that question.


Megan: A Hot Heroine (Sheila’s street team member) would like to know if you would name your next child Anne Elizabeth?

Emily: We’ll consider it for future children, but our next child will be named Les if it’s a boy and Leslie if it’s a girl.


Megan: What are your plans now?

Emily: With our new jobs, we’re moving back near the family. I’m excited to get started. I’m not sure my brothers understood what they promised because I won’t allow them to boss me around.

Jake: I just want to get to know Em and my daughter more. Maybe even start on the next little one.


Megan: [Spoiler] How does it feel to finally be married?

[Jake clasps Emily’s hand and squeezes.]

Emily: It’s like I always dreamed.

Jake: Amazing.


Megan here: That’ll wrap up my chat with them. You can read their story, HIS RETURN, on Kindle/Kindle app now. Although it is the third book in the series, HIS RETURN is written as a stand-alone and reviewers have stated they weren’t lost meeting everyone. Should you have any character, or author, questions, send a message through the ‘contact’ page to Sheila. Have a great weekend!

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