Interview with Trent

Megan here. While I’m waddling around waiting to have the baby, I decided to conduct another interview. This time, I nailed down Trent. Calm down, ladies. We all get a bit hot and bothered with him around. Don’t you tell AJ I said that. He’s still jealous.

I do advise that there are spoilers in this interview, so if you haven’t read HIS CHOICE and HIS RETURN, read on at your own—”Oh no, Sheila didn’t”—factor.

Thanks, Trent. I’ll make this as painless as possible.
[Laughs] I doubt that, but go ahead. You have twelve questions.

First, how is your recover coming along?
As well as can be expected. I’m due for a skin graft surgery break soon, and then I can leave.

Emily said you aren’t coming back?
I’m not sure yet what I’ll do. Don’t push this question.

[Huffs] Okay, then tell me why did you leave the FBI?
I heard I could make good money on the outside and not deal with the bullshit and red tape. Sorry for the cursing, Megan.

Thank you, but I’m getting used to it. How does it feel to officially be a Hamilton?
I haven’t figured it out. When I was growing up, I wanted to be one of them so badly that I’d have traded all my GI Joe collection. But, as an adult, I’m a McKenzie, through-and-through.

Will you join HIS as a partner?
If I return—and that’s a big “if”—then I think remaining on the field team is where I belong. I didn’t earn a place running the business.

Do you have any regrets—doing what you did?
No, because Amber is alive. But, I wish there had been a way for Les and I both to make it. And, don’t think I’m not mad at him for pulling rank either. I’d have switched places in a heartbeat because the end result would’ve still been Em’s little girl was alive.

Let’s play, “What’s your favorite?”
Food and beverage?
Steamed Maryland crabs with a Corona.
Artist or band?
Hell or High Water
[Chuckles] Megan Hamilton, of course
[Smiling] Just checking. Quote?
It’s by Vincent Van Gogh—”Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
Hmm. Sounds like HIS. Maybe you should consider joining—
Stop, Megan.

Okay. Here’s my final question for today. Is there someone special? [Raises her eyebrows] Kelly, maybe?
[He shakes his head] No one special, since you turned me down. [They laugh but the failed kiss when he’d been guarding her stood between them.] But, I do have a soft spot for Kelly. I hope she finds her Mr. Right.

Thanks, Trent.
Anything for you, doll.

That’s it for today. Have a question that didn’t get asked? Feel free to send it to Sheila via her “Contact” page and I’ll nail him down. And, yes, Trent will have his own book. Next up on my couch is Devon whose book—HIS CHANCE —is due out in Feb 2017.

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