What I miss….

In taking blog ideas from that list I mentioned before, this was another topic. When one decides to retire early, downsize and then start a new career as a writer, there are many things in life one can miss. For me, the thing I miss most isn’t something I can order from Amazon in replacement. For a very long time it has been the camaraderie of those I served with that I yearned for in my life outside the military. The belly-deep laughter… never needing to watch everything you said… the support in even your most hair-brained ideas… and, the confidence in each other when you’re side-by-side, M-16s in hand, are all part of a package of friends one never forgets. Unfortunately, one can’t duplicate it, no matter how hard one tries. Living with the fabulous memories has to be enough.

That, in a nutshell, is one thing I miss. What is one thing you miss?

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