My Favorite Author And The Road To Find Her

Once upon a time, I read straight-up suspense novels. I loved how it always kept me on the edge. One day I read about this book and just had to read it. It upset me when I went to Barnes & Noble and couldn’t find it. With it being top on the charts, I just knew they’d have it in stock. An employee saw me walk the shelves in suspense a few times and offered his help. I told him the book, and he brightened. He knew of it, but it was romantic suspense and in the romance section. Now, as a down-home country girl, I’d never heard of romantic suspense. I wasn’t sure I wanted to read it because – and I know this is all kinds of wrong considering – I didn’t read romance. I had in the past, but suspense had drawn me away. Anyhow, I read the book and had to have more. I read every romantic suspense book by this author. She also wrote historical novels, but I didn’t want to read them at the time. I was addicted to romantic suspense and burned through the authors. Later, I went back to this author because I had seen nothing new. I loved her so much I decided it was time to try her historical romance books. The first one got me hooked. In my mind, she can’t write fast enough.

The book that hooked me on romantic suspense was Murder List by Julie Garwood. I’m still in love with Alec 😍. The historical book that hooked me on American historical romance was For The Roses, also by Julie Garwood. So, if you haven’t guessed it, my favorite author is Julie Garwood. If you’re interested in her New York Times bestselling books, her website is:

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