Why I write

“Why do you write?” This is one of the most asked questions from readers. At times, I’ve had to think of the answer. I once thought it should be profound and insightful, something others would quote in times gone by. Those words never came to mind. Simply, I began writing because the stories swirled strongly in my mind, and the characters’ voices told me I needed an outlet. It’d become hard to focus on my job with my mind in such turmoil. It’s how I’d not only thought up a series but had most plot ideas before I began writing. Don’t get me wrong, I also subscribe to the fact that you can’t kidnap people and force them to act out your awesome book ideas. To stay on this side of the law, I write. Now, the stories don’t swirl as fast because I’ve learned a lot with editing, so my stories are a little more in-depth and thought out. But, the stories in my mind are why I write.

Tune in next week to find out my favorite author.

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