My 2020 diet plan

This post is late, but I hope it reaches you all the same.

Since some of you are on my friends’ list on Facebook, you’ve probably heard I started a new diet plan in January. I know many of you wonder about it and why I chose it. When I decided I had to do something to lose weight, I spoke with my sister, Debi. She told me about a diet plan she’d been doing and not only was she losing weight, but her inflammation had disappeared with morning stiffness 75% improved, her arthritis was around 90% improved, she had more energy; she slept better, and best of all, she’d been pre-diabetic but now her Glucose level was normal. Dealing with my physical issues, I thought – why not? So, I watched a Forks Over Knives video and jumped into the Plant-Based Diet. Don’t grumble or feel sorry for me, it’s a great diet plan. Similar to Vegan, but different in many ways. There are no processed foods, regular milk (plant-based milk, like Almond Milk, is okay), or oil used. But, I have made chocolate muffins, so it’s not all bad.

I had some bumps in the road on the onset, mostly because I had no recipes in my wheel box already or enjoyed cooking from scratch. I bought and downloaded cookbooks – it’s amazing how many Plant-Based Diet cookbooks are available. After two months, I don’t feel like a pro chef yet, but I’m strongly in the middle with cooking. So far my favorite recipe is a Black Bean Chili I serve over a baked potato. Yes, potatoes are allowed.

As I stated, I began the diet in January and have fallen off the wagon twice. Total, I’ve lost 31 pounds, my inflammation is significantly improved, I have more energy, and sleep better. My most recent bloodwork—completed after one month on the diet—showed my levels move more into the middle range where some were high. I have attempted more recipes and have several fallbacks for when I don’t want to cook or eat only a salad.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s the site I visit most: There are also some great recipes there for any diet.

Thanks for joining me this week.


I’m not trying to sell you on the diet, but here are videos to watch if you’re curious about why I chose the Plant-Based Diet plan. All are available on NetFlix.

The Game Changer

Forks Over Knives

What The Health *Requires a membership

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