What works best for you in your personal office/computer space?

My workspace is important. I ordered a desk a few months ago and lost all productivity. It was a L-shape, but it ended up being smaller than I expected. Can you saw feeling crowded? Well, last week, I finally received a desk I’d ordered on Wayfair. I L.O.V.E. it! So does Camilla, my usually sleeping writing partner. There’s enough room for her bed without taking away my working area. She was asleep when I stood to take the pictures, but as soon as I brought out the phone to take a photo, she came to sit in front of me. Stretching first, as if I’d disturbed a deep sleep.


The wonderful thing about this desk is the desktop lifts (not Camilla’s section). The side view picture doesn’t do justice to the desk. From the front, you can see the full lift. I do have a cord issue to figure out since it pulls when I lift the desk. I also have to be careful before I let the desktop down as the other day, a foster cat crawled in and took a nap. Look at that, Camilla moved back around to be in the picture. She’s such a diva.


Will this desk help me be more productive? I think so. I hope so. The standing feature – which I’m using now – will help with my inability to sit for long periods of time. Plus, I have a better view of the bird feeders in the backyard which is refreshing. So, what works best for you? Share your answers or personal space photos here, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (the initial link that sent you here).

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