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I’m excited to announce that the second book in the Coastal Investigation Series is almost here! Read Between the Lines releases on 1/17/24, and Cassie and JD are in a new fix. With two storylines running – can they save Cassie’s friend, and will he propose? – this story, if I must say so myself, is amazing. But, I’ll allow early reviews to tell the tale.

“Mystery, murder, mayhem and a whodunnit keep Cassie and JD on their toes. Then when you add in a stalkerish ex…or 2 they begin to wonder if their love is real and if they can solve this case together. Grab it…you’ll love it too!!!!”

“A real who dunit. An interesting plot containing murder, mystery, and romance. Exes for both main characters cause jealousy and doubts about their relationship. I loved the ending.”

“Twisty suspense! Grabs you at the prologue and carries you on a winding path.”

Yes, I’m pumped about the reviews coming in on this second book in the series. For those unfamiliar with the series, unlike the HIS Series, the Coastal Investigation Series continues with the same two main characters – Cassie and JD. While you don’t have to read them in order, it’s best if you do. It’s also not a hot and steamy like HIS. It’s a closed-door romance. So, I’ve got something for most every romantic suspense reader.

I enjoyed writing this addition to the series, but when I thought of how some authors (and others) have real stalkers, it became a bit unnerving. Here is a great resource for those who feel they might be in this situation whether virtually or physically:

Preorder your copy of Read Between the Lines, so you have it in your Kindle on 1/17, or in your hands right after.

This book is published with The Wild Rose Press. 

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