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Hello fabulous readers – I’d like to introduce The Inside Scoop, the latest HIS news and reporting. This newspaper comes out about every three weeks. It is written by investigative reporter Megan Hamilton, who happens to be me and Helen McNabb, my absolutely incredible writing partner in this endeavor. Helen began as the best beta reader I’ve encountered, helping me hone several novels in the series and beyond. Now, we’re partners in keeping the HIS family alive.

In each issue, which is four pages, we’ll discuss one HIS novel in-depth, but we’ll have stories of then and now to tease the mind and keep the love of HIS in the forefront. Have you been curious about the HIS compound? Have you ever wondered what FUBAR and those other acronyms meant? Have you thought about Jason and Reagan now? Plus, I’m always open to questions for the interview section and stories you’d love to read. You may send them to me at

Here’s the link to the current newspapers – – Issues 1 & 2 are posted, but Issue 3 should be up soon. Issue 4 is due around early Sept. We hope you’ll stick around for them. Want to know when they’re posted? Join my Facebook reader group, where they see the newspaper first. Sheila’s Smokin’ Hot Readers on Facebook

Thanks for being a devoted HIS reader!

Until next time…

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