2016 is here

The parties are over. The resolutions are made. The plans are developed. Now, it’s time to get down to business. I don’t know about you, but thinking about how I will implement the changes all at once is overwhelming. I would imagine that is why many people fail. Well, that and chocolate donuts. Who can fault them for that? Approximately … Read More


Have you ever had a pet wander off and get lost? As a pet-owner, it can be gut-wrenching worrying about the animal especially if they are normally inside pets. If you live in the woods like I do and neighbors are not close, or within sight, the worry and guilt, because they are yours to care for, can be not … Read More

My birthday celebration

I am celebrating my birthday (and HIS Desire’s anniversary) at this event Nov 5, 7pm-9pm EST. Sweet n Sassy November Author Takeover on Facebook I’ve planned lots of fun and prizes, and I hope to see you there! The more attending, the greater the prizes so invite your friends and drag them there. You may leave the party-poopers at home. … Read More

HIS DESIRE One-year Publiversary Celebration

In honor of HIS DESIRE: An HIS Novel’s one-year publiversary, all books in Sheila Kell’s HIS series are on sale for 99¢/99p Nov 3-9! Tour Organizer: https://www.facebook.com/hottreepromotions Will Jesse Hamilton, head of Hamilton Investigation and Security, Inc, (HIS), keep reluctant FBI Special Agent Kate Ross safe when his past and his heart have placed them in jeopardy? ★★★★★ “A must … Read More

What’s new

I recently hired AuthorsDesigns to improve my website, and I am happy to say you will find some excellent additions. My signing schedule has been added, FAQs, fun stuff from the women in the Hamilton family and more. Hover over ‘Meet Sheila’ or ‘Extras’ to find the new fun. What’s happening in the world of HIS? The bestselling novel HIS … Read More